Blank Query Connection

Before using the Blank Query Connection and creating an access token, ensure your ServiceNow [admin] sets up and tests the configuration on the corresponding instances. Without this configuration, you won’t be able to create the access token.

How to set up and test configuration?

By default, the OData feed is used for connecting to Microsoft Power BI. However, to meet a wider variety of user needs, the Blank Query Connection method has also been added.

This feature is especially helpful for companies using Single Sign On (SSO), as this login method often operates without the need for a password. The Blank Query Connection enables authorization without requiring a local ServiceNow password.

There are also a few features that are not available when using the Blank Query Connection:

  • The templates can’t be used with the Blank Query connection. They are built on OData, and the Blank Query can’t replace the OData connection.

  • There might be potential limitations for the scheduled refresh. Connection configuration issues are present when publishing the dashboard and scheduling a refresh.

To use the Blank Query Connection method, it’s required to generate an access token. Therefore, before exporting data, ensure that you have created a token.


How to Create Access Token



  1. In the Filter navigator field, start entering Power BI, and then select Authorization (Under the Power BI Connector for ServiceNow section).

Authorization (1).gif


  1. Select New.



  1. Select Generate Token.


  1. Select Submit.




How to Export Data with Blank Query Connection


  1. In the Filter navigator field, enter Portal, and then select Portal (Under the Power BI Connector for ServiceNow section).


  1. Select Copy BlankQuery Template.


  1. Launch your Microsoft Power BI, select Get data, and then select Blank query.


  1. Select Advanced Editor.


  1. Replace the query template with the copied template in step 2.


  1. Select Edit Credentials.


  1. Select Anonymous, and then select Connect.