Export Database View

Starting from Tableau Connector 1.0.6 export of Database View functionality was added.

This option is available only for ServiceNow Admin only.

Database View can be added on the data source page.

Click on Add Source button and select database view from the list:


When Databse View is added it is possible to select fields (Referenced fields included), set Use display value option, set Filter string to get more accurate data.

Also, all general options and fields are supported to set on a data source with database view(s), such as Name, Description, Rows Limit, Use field labels for column names, and Disable editing for other users.

To import Database View data use the process, described in the article https://aserve.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TCFS/pages/2727412448/User+Guide#How-to-import-data-into-Tableau-Desktop(Public-Edition)?