Exploring Tableau Connector for ServiceNow


Quick access to actual and relevant business data is crucial to running and managing a business and making timely decisions.

Consolidating all data sources in a single place to transform and combine data into a suitable visualization provides a significant advantage to any business in a fast-changing world. Tableau is one of the most popular BI software for building complex business reporting. Companies only have to set up the needed integrations to get all necessary data into Tableau for reporting and analytics. And here is where Alpha Serve has the best competence.

Along with Tableau Connectors for Jira, Zendesk, and Shopify, we have developed a convenient ServiceNow Tableau integration - Tableau Connector for ServiceNow.

Tableau Connector for ServiceNow is an Enterprise-grade solution that allows building complex data models, dashboards, and reporting in Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud based on ServiceNow data. 

Check the app page on ServiceNow Store or learn more from the website product page.

What does Tableau Connector for ServiceNow do?

Tableau Connector for ServiceNow is an application that allows users to export ServiceNow data into Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server without programming skills. This app provides a convenient interface to filter the data that needs to be transferred into Tableau and export it easily.

Thus, it enables users to visualize and analyze ServiceNow instance data that they imported to the Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.

Tableau Connector for ServiceNow does not collect, store or share any customer data. All such data is stored on the customer’s ServiceNow instance.



Who finds Tableau Connector for ServiceNow useful?

  • IT, support, or any other teams using ServiceNow to manage daily operations can create and distribute any reports and dashboards or monitor any KPIs in Tableau based on the ServiceNow data. Thus, they are now limited by any default reports and can calculate and monitor any KPIs they need. This will provide transparency to the team performance as well as will highlight room for improvement;

  • Business analysts can combine ServiceNow with any other data sources (financial, CRM,
    Jira, e-commerce, etc.) to create integrated business reporting across all business functions including Sales, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and many others;

  • Business owners and C-level management can get a clear understanding of their business performance with refreshed and actual complex reporting.

Check this article in our blog to learn how to perform Tableau ServiceNow integration with the Tableau Connector for ServiceNow.


Use cases:

  • build consolidated ServiceNow reporting across processes like problem management, incident management, etc., in Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server using ServiceNow as a data source, combining it with CRM, ERP, Jira, and many others.;

  • create customized Tableau reports for ServiceNow according to your business processes and workflows, which are not available in default ServiceNow reporting features;

  • connect ServiceNow to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud for easy data export to run business analytics, find bottlenecks and make necessary changes and adjustments;

  • create live ServiceNow Tableau dashboards with IT/Support/other teams KPIs to monitor the overall performance and team contribution.


Why use Tableau Connector for ServiceNow?

Tableau ServiceNow Connector is a convenient and user-friendly solution for no-code ServiceNow Tableau integration. With this ready-to-use solution, you can embed Tableau integration into your existing ServiceNow platform without ServiceNow consultants and architects.


Tableau Connector for ServiceNow Features:


  1. Сonvenient and familiar user interface through the ServiceNow portal.


Note! In addition to the portal, Tableau Connector can be accessed through the item menu from back-end page


2. Advanced filtering options to manage ServiceNow data selection and export to Tableau only the relevant information.


3. Distributed user roles inside the application in order to manage data access and provide data security:

Read the complete https://aserve.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TCFS/pages/2727412142 description.


4. Well-thought-out application architecture which allows exporting big data volumes without performance impact on your ServiceNow instance.


How can you benefit from using Tableau Connector for ServiceNow?

  • add ServiceNow as a data source to widen the data landscape along with other software and build complex ServiceNow reports for your business;

  • avoid manual work and optimize data export with convenient ServiceNow Tableau integration;

  • get actionable insights from the actual and relevant reports and dashboards;

  • improve performance and increase profit based on unlimited data export.