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Data analysis is essential for timely decisions and effective company operations in today's business landscape. BI tools empower companies to handle large volumes of structured and sometimes unstructured data from diverse sources. This enables meticulous operational control and the identification of new business opportunities for strategic development.

Power BI Connector for Shopify:

  • facilitates simplified data analysis for Shopify stores;

  • enables seamless integration with Power BI for efficient analysis;

  • allows easy visualization of data for making informed business decisions;

  • provides insights into the complete customer journey, from acquisition to post-purchase.

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What Does Power BI Shopify Connector Do?


Power BI Connector helps extract data from Shopify into Microsoft Power BI easily. It transfers raw data into a very easily understandable format.


Who Finds Shopify Power BI Connector Useful?


Power BI Connector for Shopify is a valuable tool for store owners and managers seeking to extract and analyze their e-commerce store data, ensuring they stay up-to-date and can make adjustments to assortment, pricing, customer offers, and more. This data analysis is key to effective margin and profit management for any store.

Power BI Shopify Connector is of interest to data analysts and business intelligence professionals involved in creating data models in Microsoft Power BI. However, even those without an analytical background can easily navigate Power BI and create data sources.

Power BI Connector is particularly beneficial for users without specific skills, as it does not require additional competence to get started. The app allows for the easy creation of URL connections without the need for specialized knowledge.


Why Use Power BI Connector for Shopify?


Shopify store is undeniably a crucial data source for e-commerce businesses. Analyzing sales data is the most direct route to increasing profits and margins.

Integrating Shopify as a data source into Power BI expands your data landscape, enabling a consolidated view of your sales and business data. This integration facilitates timely decision-making and helps maintain focus.

Power BI Connector Key Features


Multiple Data Sources

Create more than one Shopify data source, incorporating various data types such as orders, inventory, products, and more.

Advanced Data Filters

Apply a filtering system to select exactly the data you need to export for your custom reports.

Automated Update

Schedule automated refresh for real-time Shopify Power BI reports. Select the necessary data range of any amount in advance and optimize your reporting process.

How You Can Benefit from Using Power BI Connector?


  • Translate Shopify data into information and visualize it in Power BI to get detailed insights for predictive analytics.

  • Improve sales and inventory efficiency within your organization and, as a result, increase your margin and profit.

  • Maximize Shopify store productivity by keeping all your data together and syncing it with other data sources (CRM).

  • Increase ROI from your investments.


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