Common troubleshooting options

Some common troubleshooting options are shown below:

Users can’t authenticate while exporting data

Make sure that Basic option was chosen in the authentication dialog, credentials are valid and the user exists at the instance.

Note! Power BI does not support two-factor authentication

Power BI can remember the entered credentials for each server. Therefore, if the authentication menu is not available, go to the File tab at the top left of the Power BI Desktop > Options and settings > Data Source Settings.

  1. Select the data source the “Access to the resource is forbidden” error arises for

  2. Select the Clear Permissions option on the drop-down menu

  3. Click Delete and confirm clearing permissions

If needed, clean permissions in both lists: Global permissions and Data sources in the current file.

4. Press Close button

5. Re-enter the credentials to connect the required data source through Basic authentication

Access to the resource is forbidden error while connecting to the data source

Make sure the user has one of the required roles to access the application's API: admin, powerbi_admin, powerbi_editor, powerbi_viewer

Access denied for one or more of the exported tables

Make sure the user has read access to the selected tables. If not, contact Admin and ask to assign the required roles

Power BI doesn't import all requested records

Change the Rows limit parameter or modify the filter query in the data source config

No access to tables list when creating new Data Source

  1. User does not have “read” permission for sys_db_object table. Contact Admin and ask to provide access to the table.

2. No permissions for Reference type fields. Filter contains fields, that can not be selected:

In this case user doesn't have permission on the referenced table. Please ask your Administrator to add permissions.

Export config field syntax error

Change or ask Admin to change Export config field value:

Export fails when “Use display value” setting state is changed and PowerQuery ($filter operator) is applied in Power BI

In this case, need to close Power BI, export Data Source one more time and apply Power Query for new results.

Data types will be changed as Use display value setting changes the types of exported items, and in new export results not all Power Query operators can be applied. For more details, please check

Template export data

If during the export of data to the template user got an error, check the access to tables. Check not only direct tables but also referenced fields tables.

Database View. Missing fields.

If user does not have permission for one of the table in Database view, only allowed fields will be seen on Data Source page. For example:

The real amount of fields -

Allowed to export -

In this case, user doesn't have permission for Metric_incident table, but has permission for Incidents.

How to resolve: ask your Administrator to provide permission for the restricted table.

If the user can not see a yellow message, check the order of the tables in Database view:

Order for different tables (different in permissions) should be different.

Database View. Error during export.

In this case, check permissions for tables that are parts of Database View. Ask your Administrator to add missed permissions.

Can not find/export data from table

In case when table is visible on the backend but is not from the PBI data source page, check that table is not inherited from sys_metadata. All tables inherited from sys_metadata( Application File) are not included in the Data Source form table list by the ServiceNow request.