Elements Connect - external data fields

When it comes to business analytics, you need access to all Jira data, including those from external sources and custom fields.

Elements Connect app allows you to bring external data inside Jira issues, and this data can be easily loaded to Looker Studio with Jira to Looker Studio integration with our application.

Elements Connect enables adding custom fields from different databases, SQL, CRM, REST API, LDAP, nFeed, and Assets. These fields will then be reflected in Issue Custom Fields according to the name that users gave them.

Elements Connect field can be found in the Issue Custom Fields table under the Jira Work Management tab.

To start exporting connected external fields with Looker Studio Connector, you have to install Elements Connect - external data fields app first. Connect then, your Jira to an external data source.

For additional information, please refer to Elements Connect documentation.


 Elements Connect.gif