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What Does Looker Studio Connector for Jira Cloud Do

Install Looker Connector for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace:

Looker Studio Connector for Jira Cloud allows you to import easily and quickly any Jira data into Looker Studio, including default fields and custom fields, history, worklogs, sprints, 3d-party apps data, and more.




Who Finds Looker Studio Connector for Jira Cloud Useful


Looker Studio Connector for Jira Cloud is designed to be useful for data analysts and business intelligence professionals who create data models in Looker Studio. However, individuals without an analytical background can still navigate Looker Studio and create data sources.

Looker Studio Connector for Jira Cloud is particularly helpful for users without Jira admin skills, as it does not require any additional expertise to start using it. The app allows you to create URL connections easily, without specific knowledge from the user side.


Why Use Looker Studio Connector for Jira Cloud


Jira Cloud is a very informative data source for any business. Therefore, adding Jira Cloud as a data source into your Looker Studio makes your data landscape wider and allows you to have all your projects in a single view to drive timely decision-making and keep focus. Using Jira Cloud as a data source for Looker Studio, team members can not only track their project activity but also evaluate results to determine overall business outcomes.

Looker Studio Connector for Jira Cloud Key Features


No-Code Looker Studio Jira Integration

Enjoy Looker Studio reports and share them with non-Jira users. Connect Jira to Looker Studio in 3 steps:

  1. Create a data source and select any fields using filters.

  2. Copy the data source URL.

  3. Export data into Looker Studio.

Wide Jira Data Export Opportunities

  • Export any Jira Cloud fields and tables, including Jira Work Management, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management, to create the most complete and informative interactive reports.

  • Export data from 3rd-party apps such as Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, Tempo Cost Tracker, Time in Status, Advanced Roadmaps, Insight, Xray, Zephyr Scale, Projectrak, QMetry, and more to have a wider data landscape.

How Can You Benefit from Using Looker Studio Connector for Jira Cloud


  • Transform data into information and visualize it to make informed decisions, enabling effective business planning and strategy development.

  • Centralize your data to generate meaningful insights that drive action.

  • Unleash the full potential of BI software across various teams without worrying about Jira Cloud access permissions.

  • Maximize ROI from BI investments and strengthen data governance practices.


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