Assets (Insight)

Assets Overview


Assets, formerly known as Insight, are a part of Jira Service Management (Premium plan) and refer to resources, elements, or entities that are managed within the context of a project or organization. When managing any kind of assets in Jira or Jira ITSM, it is important to be able to structure and analyze this data. Any assets your company has and manages can influence the way you enhance your business strategy, that’s why the Assets data is so important to complete your Looker Studio reports.

Assets fields can be found in a separate tab. Assets custom fields can be selected in Jira Work Management - Issue Custom Fields.

Jira API Token is required to view and export Assets data.


Assets Tables Filtering


Looker Studio Connector for Jira provides AQL (Assets Query Language) filter that can be applied to the following tables only:

  • Objects

  • Object Attribute Values

  • Object History



Once AQL is entered, the filter will be automatically applied to all three tables.


You can uncheck the filter for table(s) you don’t want it to apply to.


  • Using the Restore button during data source creation will remove all applied filters.

  • Using the Restore button during data source editing will revert filters to their previously applied settings.