Schedule a Refresh on Tableau Server

Before you run the connector on Tableau Server you should approve the connector.
Note: You must be a server administrator to approve Web Data Connector for use on Tableau Server.

Web Data Connectors require approval. Before a user can use a Web Data Connector with Tableau Server, you must add the domain and port used by the connector to a safe list and also include the domains that a connector can send requests to and receive requests from on a secondary safe list.

When you add a connector to the safelists, you configure Tableau Server to allow connections to a particular URL where the connector is hosted and from a URL which the connector can query. This is the only way to allow Tableau Server to run Web Data Connectors.

Add connectors to the safe list


  1. In terminal change the directory to Tableau Server installation/bin directory


2. Execute two commands correcting them according to your data:

  • Source Name - Your Data Source name

Be sure to use straight quotes (" and '), not curly or "smart" quotes, around the name of the Web Data Connector. Use double quotes (") if the name contains a space.

tsm data-access web-data-connectors add -n "Source Name" --url

tsm data-access web-data-connectors add -n "Source Name" --url

3. To allow Web Data Connector extract refreshes, execute the command:

tsm data-access web-data-connectors allow

4. After running any commands that make changes to Web Data Connectors, you need to apply your pending changes. Apply changes exectuting the command:

tsm pending-changes apply

5. Since pending changes require a server restart, the pending changes apply command will display a prompt to let you know a restart will occur.


6. After Tableau Server restart you can view the list of all Web Data Connectors on the safe list, using the following command:

tsm data-access web-data-connectors list