Web Data Connector: Schedule Refresh on Tableau Server

Before you run the connector on Tableau Server you should approve the connector.
Note: You must be a server administrator to approve Web Data Connector for use on Tableau Server.

Web Data Connectors require approval. Before a user can use a Web Data Connector with Tableau Server, you must add the domain and port used by the connector to a safe list and also include the domains that a connector can send requests to and receive requests from on a secondary safe list.

When you add a connector to the safelists, you configure Tableau Server to allow connections to a particular URL where the connector is hosted and from a URL that the connector can query. This is the only way to allow Tableau Server to run Web Data Connectors.


Add Connectors to The Safe List


  • In the Terminal, change the directory to the Tableau Server installation/bin directory.


  • Execute the add command correcting it according to your data:

    • Source Name - Your Data Source name

    • DATASOURCE_ID - Your data source id

It’s required to enclose the source name in straight quotes (" and '). If the name contains a space, use double quotes.

For example: ‘Report' or “Jira Report”.

tsm data-access web-data-connectors add --name "Source Name" --url https://tableau-sh-prod.alphaservesp.com:443/data-source-wdc/v1/DATASOURCE_ID --secondary https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/.*,https://ajax.googleapis.com/.*,https://connectors.tableau.com/.*,https://tableau-sh-prod.alphaservesp.com/.*
  • To allow Web Data Connector extract refreshes, execute the command:

tsm data-access web-data-connectors allow
  • To apply changes, execute the command:

After running any commands that make changes to Web Data Connectors, you have to apply those pending changes.

As pending changes require a server restart, the command above (for applying pending changes) will trigger a prompt, notifying your of the restart.

tsm pending-changes apply
  • To view the list of all Web Data Connectors on the safe list, execute the following command:

Once it is done, you can proceed with the scheduled refresh setup in Tableau Server.