How to Create Data Source

  1. Being signed in to your Shopify account, select Apps, and then select Alpha Serve Tableau Connector.

Apps - Alpha Serve Tableau Connector.gif


  1. Select New data source.

Create Data Source.gif


  1. In the Name field, enter the data source name.

  2. In the Description field, enter the description of your data source.


  1. In the Connector type field, select the preferable type of connection: OData 4.0 or Web Data Connector 2.0 (deprecated).


  1. In the Timezone for date time fields field, select timezone you need.


  1. [Optional] If needed, schedule automatic data update.

There are 4 possible options in the Scheduler menu.

  • Disabled - in this case, you will be able to update this data source manually when needed;

  • Continuous - in this case, the data source with this schedule type will be updated constantly. The data preparation process will start after the previous one is completed.

  • Every day - in this case, the data source will be updated every day at the selected time.

  • Weekly - in this case, the data source will be updated only once a week on the selected day and time.

The Scheduler menu depends on your subscription plan.


  1. Select all fields and filters you need.


On the left, you can see tabs with all data types available for export. Each tab contains the corresponding tables and fields that you can select. This helps you navigate easily among numerous tables and data types.

Learn the Entity-Relationship Diagram to understand all the connections and correlations between tables.




  1. When everything is done, select Save.


  1. Go back to the Data sources page.



  1. Select Generate.







Data Source Statuses Overview


The data source has several statuses:

  • not ready indicates that the data source has just been created and is not ready for export.

  • pending is activated when selecting the Generate button. The status indicates that the system is preparing to create a data source snapshot.

  • in progress indicates that the snapshot is being created for your data source. It will be valid for export for 7 days after generating a snapshot.

  • ready indicates the readiness of your data source to be exported.

  • expired indicates that the snapshot is expired and you need to regenerate it.


When you generate the snapshot of your data source, two additional fields appear:

  • Prepared at that displays the date and time when the data source snapshot was generated.

  • Expires at that displays the date and time when the data source snapshot will expire (the snapshot is valid for 7 days after its generating).