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Menu Section Overview

Data Sources Page


  • Data sources - this is a start page. Here you can create, edit, or delete your data source. You can also prepare your data source for export and copy the URL for export.

Data source options.gif


Subscription Page


  • Subscription - this page contains an overview of all available plans, and it also indicates the plan you have. The Discount code field allows you to apply a discount if you have one.



Settings Page


  • Settings - this page contains the credentials for connecting to Microsoft Power BI for Shopify data export.


Help Page


  • Help - this page contains a quick guide on using Power BI Connector.


Documentation Section


  • Documentation - this section will redirect you to the Power BI Connector user documentation.


Support Section


  • Support - this section will redirect you to our Help Center.


Please take a moment to view the ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) of the tables. It will help you to understand all the connections and correlations correctly.