OData: Schedule Refresh on Tableau Server

Create a Data Source via Tableau Connector for Shopify on the Shopify side. Export the data into Tableau Desktop Worksheet.

Before configuring a scheduled refresh, create a data source via Tableau Connector for Shopify, and then export the data into Tableau Desktop Worksheet.


  1. In your Table Desktop, select Server, and then select Sign In.

  2. Enter credentials associated with your server account.

  1. Select Share Workbook with Others.

  1. In the Project field, select the project where you want your workbook to be published.

  2. In the Name field, provide the name of your workbook.

  3. [Optional] In the Description field, provide description for your workbook.

  4. Under the Refresh Schedule (Full Extract) section, select the required option of a scheduled period.

  5. Select Publish.

The workbook should be published on the server.


You can check scheduled actions under the Schedules tab.