Data Sources Export History

Data Sources Export History Overview


Data Sources Export History was implemented as a separate page that can be found via navigator.

  • Only users with an admin role can access the Data Sources Export History page, namely ServiceNow [admin] and TABLEAU ADMIN.

  • Non-admin users - TABLEAU EDITOR and TBLEAU VIEWER - don’t have access to view the Data Sources Export History page. However, all their actions related to export will be logged in the Data Sources Export History table.



The Data Sources Export History table contains a record of each table’s export separately. If a data source includes ten tables and is exported, the Data Sources Export History will create ten separate records, one for each table.




  • To view export history for a certain data data source, find it by its name in the Data Source column, and then select it.

If you cannot find it, use Search above the corresponding column.


  • Scroll down, and then select the Export Histories tab.


The Export Histories table has a default fields. However, the table view can be changed by selecting Personalize List.


Export Statuses Description


The following table describes statuses that the export process can obtains.


Status Name


Status Name



The export is finished and all data was exported without an issue.


The export cannot be finished because of the errors during connection (e.g. a user uses the wrong credentials to connect or doesn’t have access to tables).

In Progress

The export has begun and is actively running.


The export process was terminated by selecting the Cancel button in Tableau Software.