Requirements & Compatibility

Tableau Connector for ServiceNow is a standalone app and does not have any pre-requisite requirements to function.

Tableau Connector for ServiceNow is compatible with the latest versions of all modern browsers but may depend on the ServiceNow browser compatibility based on the selected user interface.

In case any questions occur, please contact your ServiceNow Account Manager to check subscription requirements.




  • Rome

  • Utah

  • Tokyo

  • San Diego

  • Washington



Tableau Connector for ServiceNow is a Built on Now application.

This means that it is natively built on the ServiceNow platform, thus it has the primary business logic, user experience, and end customer value designed on ServiceNow. 

Built on Now is the highest technical designation and certification for a ServiceNow Technology Partners application.

All users of Built On Now apps can have a higher degree of trust that the applications will perform with the same reliability as ServiceNow while also being just as secure. 

Built on Now apps are available on the ServiceNow Store.