About Mail Me

All companies send hundreds of emails every day. Corporate mailboxes and chat funnels are the main means of communication inside and outside of teams.

When it comes to project management, Jira is very effective as a collaborative tool. Users can create tasks and subtasks, assign them to particular users, check their progress within a specific project, etc.

However, when it comes to sending emails directly from Jira, there are some inconvenient limitations that can be solved easily with Mail Me.



What does Mail Me do?

Mail Me allows us to send emails directly from Jira. Now there is no need to switch between screens and work in two applications. With Mail Me users are able to create, edit, and send emails with issue/task information directly from Jira.

Who finds Mail Me useful?

Mail Me can make optimize daily routine for users sending numerous emails with Jira issues. Mail Me will be helpful to users sending emails to share information about the current state of work with external counterparts or users with limited access to Jira.

Why using Mail Me?

Let's take a look at a situation where you need to share some limited information with one of your employees or team members:


Without Mail Me

  • Define the fields you want to share

  • Copy and paste into the new email window

  • Highlight important information

  • Repeated search for each individual recipients

  • Send

With Mail Me

  • Select a template that displays and highlights the required fields

  • Choose a recipient from Jira users list

  • Send




Mail Me Key Features:


  1. You can also attach any files directly or include original attachments from the issue at this step to optimize the communication process.


2. Your email design will look similar to the original Jira email templates (use HTML or text format).


3. Customize the SMTP server for Mail Me connections.

Note! You can use different SMTP servers or email addresses for default Jira emails and for Mail Me emails if you need it or if you have some limits on using the default SMTP server.


4. Use the email preview.


5. Set internal Jira users, external emails, groups, issue roles (i.e. assignee) as recipients.


6. Create and use custom email templates to share or highlight certain fields or issue parts.












How you can benefit from using Mail Me?


  • Simplify daily routine tasks and repetitive actions.

  • Avoid mistakes or understatement as a result of copying information.

  • Simplification of the procedure raises the discipline level and ensures the consistency of the business process.