Office 365 as SMTP server

Step 1. Go to the custom SMTP server configuration and fill in the fields as described:

  1. Name - a required field, name of the SMTP server.

  2. From address - a required field, the default address which will be used for outbound mail.

  3. Email prefix - a required field, this prefix will be prepended to all outgoing email subjects.

  4. Service Provider - select Microsoft Office 365 from the list

  5. Username - username of your email account linked to Office 365 (example

  6. Password - password to your email account.

  7. Test Connection - allows you to check the connection to the SMTP server. In case of an unsuccessful connection, an error message appears.

  8. Save - saves all data and creates Office 365 server as configured.

  9. Cancel - allows you to return to the “Custom SMTP server” page without saving data.


Basic Office 365 configuration can be found on this page: .

To check your limits, please follow this page: .