How to Create Data Source

  1. Being signed in to your Jira Cloud instance, select Apps, and then select Tableau Connector for Jira.

  1. Select Create data source.



  1. In the Name* field, enter data source name.

The Description field is optional. You can enter data related to your data source or some hints you might need in the future.

  1. elect Sharing settings.

You may share this data source with users who have permissions to work with Tableau Connector for Jira. Therefore, next steps are optional.

Users with administrator permissions have access to all data source by default.

  1. In the Users field, enter the username you want to share data source with.

  1. In the Group field, select group you need.


  1. Select all tables you want to be in your data source.



  1. Select filters you need, and then select Save.