How to Export Data into Tableau Desktop

Please make sure that you have completed the previous two steps before proceeding.

  1. Create access token

  2. Create data source


How to Export Data Using OData


  1. Select Copy URL.



  1. Launch your Tableau Desktop, select More…, and then select OData.

  1. In the Server field, paste the link of your data source.

  2. In the Authentication field, select Username and Password.

  3. In the Username field, enter your email address associated with your Jira Cloud instance.

  4. In the Password field, enter the access token you’ve created here.

  5. Select Sign In.

Data will be loaded into Tableau. If there is a large amount of data to be imported, it may take some time.

Proceed to Sheet 1, where you can start building graphs and dashboards using the imported Jira data. To do this, simply select the visualization type and the data you want to display on the graph or dashboard.