How to add a custom field value to the template?

Get a custom field ID from your Jira

We recommend 2 ways of getting the ID.

1. Using URL

Please note, the Administer Jira Global permission is necessary to complete these steps.

  1. Navigate to Settings () > Issues > Custom fields under the Fields section

    Click on the More () icon to the right of the custom field you are obtaining the ID

    Select the View field information option

  2. Observe the URL in your browser, which will contain the ID of the field:

In the above example, the custom field ID is 10026.

2. Using REST API

Using the Get Fields Jira Cloud API endpoint, custom fields can be returned in a list.

In your browser address bar type (replace your-domain with the correct domain) and press Enter.

Find the custom field you need and copy the ID:

Use the custom field ID in a template

  1. Use a mustache syntax, as described in

2. Click the Preview button to validate the result and select an issue that contains a non-empty value in the custom field you’re adding.

3. If everything is correct, you’ll see the custom field value in the Preview.

4. Save the template and it’s ready to use.