Jira Automation for Mail Me

Jira Automation is a valuable feature that automates communication inside and outside the teams.

This Jira feature allows you to create rules that consist of triggers, conditions, and actions.

  • Triggers are events that initiate the rule, such as an issue being created, updated, or transitioned.

  • Conditions specify criteria that must be met for the rule to be executed.

  • Actions define what happens when a rule is triggered.

We have provided a use case of Jira Automation for Mail Me below. This scenario is just an example. Feel free to create rules based on your specific needs.

Jira Automation for Mail Me requires an automation token.


How to Create Automation Token


  1. Being signed in to your Jira Cloud instance, select Apps, and then select Mail Me.

  1. Select Tokens, and then select Automation token.

  1. Enter the name for your token in the corresponding field, and then select Create Token.


  1. Select Copy to copy your token.

Before closing the window, make sure to copy your new API token. You won’t be able to see this token again.


How to Create Rule


This use case describes how to automate email notification if new comments were added to an issue. You are free to select any other trigger for your rule.


  1. Select Projects, and then select the project where you want to set up automation.


  1. Select Project settings.


  1. Select Automation, and then select Create rule.


  1. Select Issue commented.


  1. Select Save.

  1. Select THEN: Add an action.


  1. In the search box, enter web, and then select Send web request.

  1. In the Web request URL* field, enter the following URL (you can just copy-paste it):


  1. In the Headers fields, first, enter the word AUTHORIZATION, and then paste the token you’ve created here.

  2. In the HTTP method* field, select PUT.

  3. In the Web request body, select Issue data (Jira format).

  4. Determine the recipients, and then select Save.

These configurations are enough to set up automation for Mail Me, but it’s significant to understand how recipients are determined.


Option 1

  • Select +Add.

  • In the Headers fields, first, enter the word RECIPIENTS, and then enter the email address of the recipients.


Option 2