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Vault Password Manager is an Enterprise-grade app that helps agile teams securely store and manage confidential credentials within their daily work tool - Jira.

Vault Password Manager is focused primarily on the security of corporate passwords and other types of credentials, enabling companies to store, manage and track confidential information within Jira securely. Companies of all sizes are offered centralized administration, secure data exchange between employees, and authorized quick access to Vaults on any Jira page from anywhere for distributed and remote teams. Vault - Password Manager reduces risk vulnerability by offering encrypted storage and additional security level.


What does Vault Password Manager do?

Vault Password Manager is an add-on that provides secure, centralized storage of passwords and other sensitive information. It is designed to help teams securely store, manage, and share passwords and other confidential data within Jira while ensuring that only authorized personnel can access it.

Users can create unlimited amounts of Personal Vaults with individual access or unlimited amounts of Shared Vaults to share with required Jira users or groups.

Shared Vaults provide users with the ability to interact with data at different levels of access depending on the permissions granted. Based on the access level, users are able to view Vault records and edit Vault settings, such as sharing with other Jira users or groups and changing the access level.

Vaults provide users with the capability to select the type of record to be created, be it a password, pin code, secured notes, credit card details, FTP access, SSH keys, and so on, and to view the history of any changes made to Vault records.

Who finds Vault Password Manager useful?

Vault Password Manager will be helpful for any size and type of team and organization using Jira and managing multiple accounts across multiple platforms. It will help to securely store sensitive information, protect credentials, control access, and prevent data breaches on the enterprise level.

By using a password manager, teams can ensure that all of their passwords are secure and easily accessible when needed. With Vault, users can easily generate strong, unique passwords for each of their accounts, as well as store and access them with a single Master Password.

  • Individuals: perfect security space for all your personal passwords, notes, licenses, admin keys, bank accounts, etc.

  • Teams (HR, Sales, Finance, Marketing, DevOps, Legal, etc.): a secure password store, management and share across teams and departments of all sizes. Easily share all the necessary credentials for the daily work of the new employees by simply adding them to the relevant user group in Jira. When the user leaves the company, the access will be lost together with the Jira account.

  • Enterprises: complete protection and advanced password security for businesses from cyber attacks.


Why using Vault Password Manager?

Forge App

Apps built with Forge provide best-in-class security, making it a critical part of Atlassian's trust and security model. When an app's data is highly sensitive, hosting it within the Atlassian cloud through Forge eliminates the security threat. Furthermore, Forge employs OAuth 2.0 to guarantee that apps don’t access data they shouldn’t access at any given moment.

AES Algorithm

AES-256 bit encryption is implemented to ensure complete security. AES-256 bit encryption is considered to be one of the most secure forms of encryption which makes it ideal for enterprises that require a high level of security.

Vault Password Manager Key Features


  • Create storage for multiple data: passwords, pin codes, logins, credit card details, secure notes, documents, software licenses, database credentials, ftp access, SSH Keys, API credentials, etc.

  • Create as many vaults as you need, including private vaults or shared vaults 

  • Built-in password generator with copy-paste capabilities.

  • Additional security layers for password storage: in addition to your basic Jira login security, each user account is protected by a personal Password.

  • Manage access permissions based on Jira user roles.

  • Password recovery can be done using Recovery Key or by sending a recovery request to the Jira admin.

How you can benefit from using Vault Password Manager?

  • Secure Storage

Store all your passwords securely and organize them for easy access and management in a single, secure location. Your passwords are only visible to you and anyone you share them with.

  • Secure Data Sharing

Securely share passwords, folders, logins, and other sensitive data between members of your workgroup by granting various access privileges.

  • Organized Credentials

Organize passwords and other sensitive data into encrypted space for all accounts, passwords, notes, payment cards and more.

  • Save Time and Money

You no longer need to subscribe for more external password management services, paying for each user, now you can do it within Jira. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to create personal or team Vaults, manage all credentials, and securely access passwords from anywhere.


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