Administrator Guide

How to View Password Recovery Requests


This document provides instructions on how to view, accept or cancel password recovery requests in VAULT Password Manager.


The People page is only visible to users who have the Administrator role.


View Password Recovery Requests

To view password recovery requests, please follow these steps:

Navigate to the side menu and click on "People."

On the "People" page, look for the following information to identify a (3) Password Recovery Request:

(1) Name - team member name.

(2) Recovery - if an Admin password recovery request has been made, the sign (3) 'RECOVERY REQUEST' will appear next to the corresponding account for easy identification.

(4) Request Date - the date and time when the request was sent.

(5) Account Created - the date, when the account was created.

(6) Last Login - shows the last login for the corresponding account.

(7) Vaults - number of Vaults in the account.

(8) Items - number of total Items in the account.

(9) Action - this column contains instructions or options for the administrator to take action on the corresponding account.

(10) Gear icon will only appear next to the account that made a request and it requires admin action.


How to Accept or Cancel Password Recovery Request


Only users who have the Administrator role can Accept or Cancel Password Recovery Requests.

Instructions below show how to accept or cancel Password Recovery Requests having Admin rights.


  1. Click on the People option in the side menu.

  2. Select the account for which you want to accept or cancel a request.

  3. Navigate to the Action and click the corresponding Gear icon to open the Action tab.

  4. Press Accept Request button to accept password recovery request or press the Cancel Request button to cancel password recovery request.

Once Admin approves the recovery, the User has to complete the recovery process by creating a new Password and saving a new Recovery Kit.