IP whitelist settings

IP whitelist settings were designed to avoid two-factor authentication in cases when you log in to the system from a secure IP address. For example, your Confluence users will not have to pass two-factor authentication when they use the office network if you enter the parameters of the office network in IP whitelist.

Below you can see a more detailed description of these settings:


  1. Mark the checkbox Enable IP whitelist to enable whitelist of IP addresses that pass without a 2FA check.

  2. IP configuration - enter the desired IP address in this field. After that, each user who will use this IP address will not pass two-factor authentication when logging in to Confluence.

Note: You can add either a single IP address or netmask IP, as well as a range of IP, addresses to this field. Take a look at the examples below the field.

3. IP comment - Enter the IP comment to recognize the IP address from the list (not required).

4. Applies to -

  • choose All if you want to use all IP addresses regardless of its localization and user’s IPs are retrieved from all IP headers.

  • choose Lan if you want to use a certain local network and the user’s internal IPs are retrieved from headers.

5. Action -

  • Choose Add filter to save IP configurations.

  • Choose Delete to delete IP configurations.



Take a look at the visual demonstration of the applied setting in the video below: