How to Create Data Source

  1. Being signed in to your Jira instance, select SQL Connector, and then select Data Sources.


  1. Select Create Data Source.

SQL - Create data source.gif


  1. In the Name* field, enter your data source name.

  2. Select + to add database.

If you have already created the database where you’d like to export your Jira data, simply select it from the drop-down list.



  1. In the Title* section, enter the title for your database.

  2. [Optional] In the Comment field, enter any useful information.

  3. In the Database Type* field, select the type of your database.

  4. In the Host* field, enter the host of your database.

  5. In the Port* field, enter the host of your database.

  6. In the Database Name*, enter the name of your database.

  7. [Optional] In the Database Schema*, enter the data schema.

By leaving the Database Schema* field empty, the default data schema will be applied.

  1. In the Username* field, enter your username.

  2. In the Password* field, enter your password.

  3. Select Test connection to check if everything is correct.


If everything is correct, you will get the corresponding message.

Test connection success.

  1. Select Create.


  1. [Optional] In the Users field, enter the username you want to share the data source with.

  1. [Optional] In the Groups field, select the group you need.

  1. [Optional] In the Project Roles field, select the roles you need.







  1. Select all filters and tables you want to be in your data source, and then select Save.