Explore SQL Connector for Jira

The SQL Connector for Jira, developed by Alpha Serve, is an enterprise-grade tool designed to effortlessly export structured data from Jira directly to your SQL database. This ensures data consistency for advanced reporting and analytics. 

The connector is user-friendly, offers excellent flexibility, and enhances Jira data availability, allowing for the seamless export of large data volumes with customizable options.




What Does SQL Connector for Jira Do?


SQL Connector for Jira allows you to easily and quickly export any Jira data into SQL databases, including default fields and custom fields, history, worklogs, sprints, 3rd-party apps data, and more.

SQL Connector for Jira supports the following SQL databases:

  • PostgreSQL


  • MySQL 

  • MariaDB

  • Oracle



Who Finds SQL Connector for Jira Useful?


Jira SQL Connector is an invaluable tool for users requiring Jira data integration with custom SQL solutions. Since Jira is a crucial data source for many organizations, it’s often necessary to store and organize its data in external SQL databases. By connecting to an SQL database, Jira users can easily organize and manipulate data in a structured way.

With the SQL Connector for Jira, you can quickly and effortlessly export data from Jira to your preferred SQL database. This connector ensures reliable, and efficient connection, allowing you to tackle data management challenges with ease. You have full control over the exported data, making it suitable for various use cases.


Why Use SQL Connector for Jira?


SQL Connector for Jira is a powerful tool that lets users easily export organized data from their Jira setup directly to their databases. This helps users make better decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

You can fine-tune parameters for intricate queries, improving data accuracy by controlling the level of detail. This allows for quick analysis, filtering, and sorting of data.

You can create unlimited data sources for each line of Jira projects in your report, exporting large amounts of data to supported databases within minutes without impacting performance.

The advanced and flexible features of SQL Jira Connector cater to various needs when exporting Jira data. Key functions include filtering results by date range or custom queries, scheduling automatic Jira data exports, and supporting multiple SQL databases.

Moreover, the app is user-friendly and doesn’t require coding skills or additional training to establish a connection and start using its features.

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SQL Connector for Jira Key Features


Direct database connection

Direct connection to popular SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, MS SQL Server, and Oracle Database without SSL, SSH, or intermediary tools. Enjoy hassle-free connection and streamline your data management.


Intuitive user interface 

The application is suitable for users with any level of technical experience due to its intuitive design and easy-to-follow instructions. That makes it an ideal solution for beginners who want to use advanced software without limitations. 


Automated data export

Schedule Jira data export using Cron or set a time for auto-export. Quickly and securely export unlimited Jira data to SQL databases.

  1. Install the app.

  2. Configure DB.

  3. Create data source.

  4. Export data.



Automate data export setting the exact time (UTC) per day using Cron or schedule refresh at a specified time that ensures superior application reliability. Advanced scheduled data refresh makes sure that businesses always have access to the most up-to-date insights and analytics they need to make sound decisions.


Secure Jira data access

Maintain full control over your Jira data with customizable sharing and permission settings, ensuring that all data is only accessible based on Jira user roles and permissions defined by you.


How You Can Benefit from Using SQL Connector for Jira?


  • ​​Analyze and transform Jira data through different SQL databases. 

  • Create the custom statistics or analytics that your business requires without an additional learning curve.

  • Get access to actual Jira data at the scale you need.

  • Get a complex data source overview, so that actionable insights become apparent.


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