SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard Templates

SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard templates supported with pre-configured data sources are now available in this latest version.  We are happy to offer you the new and exciting SAC Jira reporting experience!

Build your first SAC dashboard in a day with Jira SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard templates in SAP Analytics Cloud for Jira from Alpha Serve!


How to Use SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard Templates


  1. Go to the Templates tab.


Templates tab.gif


  1. Select Create data source in front of the desired dashboard template.


Create data source.gif


  1. In the Name* field, enter the data source name.

  2. [Optional] In the Description field, enter the data source description.

  3. [Optional] Apply filter by Projects.

  4. Select Next.



  1. Copy the generated URL, and then select Next.

After selecting Next, the selected dashboard template in .pbit format will be downloaded to your computer.



  1. Open your SAP Analytics Cloud, and then navigate to Transport.

  2. Select Export, and then select My Content.



  1. Select (1) Upload, and then select (2) Select Package.

  2. Upload .pbit file you've downloaded before, and then select OK.



It takes SAP Analytics about a minute to upload the package. Select Refresh to see the uploaded resource.

  1. Return to Transport, then Import, and then select Content Network Storage.

  2. Select the dashboard template file you’ve just uploaded.

In our case, it’s Jira Sprint Dashboard.

  1. Select the import option that suits your needs, and then select Import.


  1. Select the notification, and then select the connection.

  1. In the *Connection Name field, enter the name for this connection.

  2. In the *Data Service URL field, enter the copied URL in step 7.

  3. In the *Authentication Type field, select Basic Authentication.

  4. In the *User Name field, enter the username associated with your Jira cloud account.

  5. In the *Password field, enter your token created here.

  6. Select OK.

  1. Navigate to Modeler, find the model you need, and then open it.





  1. In the Workspace section, select Data Management.



  1. Under Import Jobs, select the corresponding job, and then select Refresh.


  1. Open the dashboard, go to Stories, and then select Recent Files.

  2. Find your dashboard.




SAP Analytics Cloud Templates Overview


Jira Timework Report


The Jira Timework Report Dashboard Template provides a succinct snapshot of workloads according to users and selected Jira projects. It presents a detailed view of time spent on each project day by day, enhancing project management capabilities. A significant aspect of this template is its ability to clearly communicate complex data through intuitive and visually engaging SAP Analytics Cloud charts and graphs. It brings clarity to tracking, revealing both high-level overviews and granular details of time utilization across Jira projects.



Jira Sprint Dashboard


The Jira Sprint Dashboard Template for SAP Analytics Cloud offers a comprehensive overview of sprint activities. It allows the selection of sprints for focused analysis and provides a mechanism to filter sprints based on their start and end dates. One of its key features is a detailed tracking tool that exhibits the number of tasks completed alongside original and remaining estimates. This information can be viewed at task and user levels, facilitating workload management and productivity monitoring. Furthermore, the dashboard classifies and enumerates the issues encountered during the sprint, offering insights into recurring problems and their impact on the project timeline. Time spent on each issue is broken down, providing a window into the team's problem-solving efficiency and helping managers make choices based on reliable data, leading to improved workflow management.