How to Export Data into SAP Analytics Cloud

Please make sure that you have completed the previous two steps before proceeding.

  1. Create access token

  2. Create data source


  1. Select Copy URL.



  1. In your SAP Analytics Cloud account, select Datasets, and then select From a Data Source.


  1. Scroll down to find OData Services, and then select this option.


  1. Select Create New Connection.


  1. In the *Connection Name field, enter the connection name.

It might be something memorable and easy.

  1. [Optional] In the Description field, enter the description for your connection.

  2. In the *Data Service URL field, paste the URL copied in the first step.

  3. In the *Authentication Type field, select Basic Authentication.

  4. In the *User Name field, enter the username associated with your Jira cloud account.

  5. In the *Password field, enter your token created here.

  6. Select Create.


  1. Check the name of the connection, and then select Next.


  1. Select the table you need, and the *Query Name field will be filled automatically.

If you want any other query name, feel free to enter it manually.

  1. Select Next.


  1. Check the Select entire table box or select specific fields you need.

  2. Select Next.


  1. Select a batch size, and then select Create.


  1. Select the location where the Jira data will be exported to.

  2. Check the name and change it if needed.

  3. Select OK.