How to Add Time to SLA JWT Token

  1. Being signed in to Jira Cloud instance, select Apps, and then select Time To SLA.


  1. Select Settings, and then select API Token.


  1. Select + New Token.


  1. In the * Token Name field, enter the name for your token.

  2. Select when your token will expire.

  3. Select the access type you need.

  4. Select Save.


  1. Copy your JWT token.

Before closing the window, make sure to copy the token and store it securely. You will not see the token again once you close the window.


  1. Go back to Apps, and then select Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira.


  1. On the left-side menu, select Tokens, and then select the Time to SLA tab.


  1. Paste your JWT token, and then select Validate & Save.


Starting now, all users with granted permission to work with the data sources can select Time to SLA table and fields for export.