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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira. The most common technical issues can be also solved here.


Questions about Licenses:

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Additional Features and Support Requests:

  • How can I request support if I have a problem?

  • How can I submit a feature request?

We are always open to suggestions and feedback from customers and improve our application based on them. So if you have any suggestions for adding or improving features, please contact us: atlassian@alpha-serve.com.

  • Do you consider or implement feature customization?

Yes, being a professional software development company since 2003 and having strong expertise in application development as an Atlassian Marketplace Partner, the Alpha Serve team will assist you in the customization of features you need to maximize your Atlassian experience.

Please contact us and describe the task. We will give you an answer after preparing our proposal.

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