FAQ Licensing

How is my app pricing determined?

You must purchase the app license that matches or exceeds your highest Jira user tier. For example, if you have a 500-User Jira Software license, and a 20-Agent Jira Service Desk license, your Jira apps must be at the 500-User level. 

Where do I get a license key for my new app?

You receive your license key and applicable source code after your payment is successfully received and processed. We send you an email that includes instructions on how to access the license key.

You can also log in to https://my.atlassian.com to retrieve your license key. Just like your product purchases, apps you purchase in the Marketplace are reflected in your My Atlassian account.

Is it possible to extend my free trial?

For monthly cloud subscriptions, once the trial period ends, the cost of the app is automatically included in your next bill unless manually deactivated. Cloud subscriptions billed annually will require a manual quote and purchase to retain functionality beyond the trial period.

Cloud trials can be extended to a total of 37 days - 30 days on top of the initial 7-day trial. To have your cloud trial extended, please contact the Atlassian Customer Advocate team. 


For more information, please check Atlassian Purchasing&Licensing. You can find actual app pricing on our Marketplace page.