User Guide



You can create a meeting in just a few clicks:


  1. Go to any issue you want to discuss with your teammates or client.

  2. Click Open Chime Meeting.

3. Then click Create meeting.

4. And finally, click Join. Also, you can copy the meeting link and invite anyone you want.

You can schedule the meeting in a few steps:


To schedule a meeting in Meetings for Jira with Amazon Chime plugin, go to the Dashboard tab at the Meetings for Jira with Amazon Chime page, where you can get from the Apps menu.

Choose the Create meeting option.

In the open pop-up window follow the next steps:

  1. Fill the Summary(1) field with the topic of the meeting.

Note, that this field is optional but it is convenient for the attendee to know the discussion topic in advance. Also later, when many created meetings would exist, you could track the history of discussions' themes.

  1. Select the Scheduled meeting(2) checkbox to view options for planning.

  2. Tap on the date(3) section in the Date and time field and select the convenient data from the pop-upped calendar.

  3. Next, click the time(4) field and choose the needed time from the appeared pop-up window.

Note, that time values are only available every next half an hour.

  1. Start to type the user’s name in the Invite attendees(5) field and select the needed one from the proposed options.

  2. Click the Create(6) button to save the settings and schedule the meeting.

You will receive the pop-up banner about success meeting creation and Created meeting will appear on the Dashboard page.

There are such available Actions on it:

  1. You can take in by pressing the Join(1) button.

  2. If some of the participants are not a part of your team but their presence is important, it's up to you to invite them by sharing a Copy link(2).

  3. If you want to delete a created meeting, just click the Cancel(3) button. You will receive the pop-up banner about success meeting cancelling and the meeting will be gone.

You can use this option only for those who created the meeting.

For Attendee(s) it is not available.

Note, that when the invitee(s) join the meeting, their avatars would appear in the Attendees column (4). The icon(s) would disappear when the attendee(s) lived the meeting.