About 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP

Information is hard currency, where high-level cybersecurity measures become increasingly important, despite the company size. When it comes to projects, sensitive or confidential data need to be safeguarded from threats. For example, highly sensitive data such as health records, or other personal information, must be protected at any cost. 

Multi-factor Authentication, also known as MFA or multi-step verification, adds another security layer by complementing username and password with a unique security code that is immediately accessible only to a certain user. Generally, such code is sent to any device which you have always on hand. As a user, you can decide which second security factor is more convenient and suitable for you, and you can change it anytime. Such a two-factor authentication method can be easily called a combination of "something you have and something you know”.

This guide is made in order to introduce to you our plugin for two-factor authentication: 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP!



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What does 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP do?


Designed to increase the security of accessing Confluence databases 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP allows you to add a second authorization factor to the Confluence login process. You can choose which the second factor is more convenient for you between TOTP (Based on the RFC 6238 standard mobile applications that generate tokens, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 2STP, OTP Auth, Authy and others) and U2F (involves the use of U2F devices such as Yubico Yubikey, NitroKey, TapID, Bluink Key, Feitian, etc).



Who finds 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP useful?


2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP will be useful for employers who work with sensitive or confidential data that need to be safeguarded from threats by adding an extra layer of security to Confluence accounts as well as who require safe and simple remote access to Confluence instance.



Why using 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP?


2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP is a really simple and at the same time reliable way to protect sensitive or confidential data from keyloggers, network data sniffing, unsecured wi-fi connections, and other threats, while also provides extra security for users working with sensitive information.

The application combines simplicity with great user experience: it can be quickly installed in 2 steps and managed by an intuitive interface.



2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP Key Features:


1. Add a second authorization factor to the Confluence login process and protect sensitive data.



2. Use a U2F device and TOTP in one application.

The application allows using both second authorization factors and permits each user to choose which authentication factor fits best when logging. In other words, you will always be able to use TOTP (mobile applications) if you have lost your U2F device as well as use the U2F device if for some reason you do not have your mobile applications.

3. Download backup (recovery) codes and enter a two-factor reserve key if needed.

Should you ever lose your phone or access your one-time password secret, we provide secure backup (recovery) codes that can be used to regain access to your account.

4. Monitor all 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP activity.

You can monitor all 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP login activity for additional security inside the company.





How you can benefit from using 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP?


  • Protect your sensitive data without hassle in 2 simple steps.

  • Avoid leakage of your customer's personal and confidential data.

  • Get wider statistics about user login activity.