Administrator Guide

Who Is Administrator?


If a user is a Admin, they automatically become an Administrator of the Tableau Connector.


What Can Administrator Do that Other Users Can’t?


The Administrator can manage all data sources. When a user creates a data source, it automatically appears in the Shared with me tab.

Only Administrators can see these two tabs: My Data Sources and Shared with me.



  • The Administrator can change the data source owner at any time. Once the owner is changed, the data source will appear in the list of data sources belonging to the new owner.

Even if the user (data source owner) is inactive or deleted, the Administrator can still change the owner.



  • The Administrator can Edit the data sources of other users.

Important: If you’re editing a data source containing data from a private board that you don’t have access to, the data related to that board will not be included in the edited version. This applies to all users utilizing this data source. Please ensure you have the necessary permissions before making changes.


  • The Administrator can Delete the data sources of other users.


  • The Administrator can Copy URL and Preview ERD of the other users' data sources.