Worklogs dates export

Issue Worklogs - is the separate table in Jira Work Management that includes Jira and Tempo worklogs.

There are three fields related to date: Created, Updated, and Start Date, and it might be confusing.

The difference between these fields is the following:

  • Created date - it’s a date when a worklog is created.

  • Start Date - it’s a date on which the time is logged.

  • Updated date- it’s a date when a worklog is last modified.

For example, if you log your work time on Monday (2/5/2024) for Friday (2/2/2024). In this scenario, the Created date is Monday (2/5/2024) and the Start Date is Friday (2/2/2024). Then, if you change the worklog description on Wednesday (2/7/2024), the Updated date will be Wednesday (2/7/2024).

Tableau - Issue Worklogs.gif


Tempo Billable Time refers to the hours for which you will be compensated. Your company may establish a limit on billable hours, such as 8 hours per day. Even if you log additional hours beyond that, your Tempo Billable Time will be 8 hours.

This field will display data only if Tempo is installed on your instance and a Tempo token is added.

Tableau - Tempo Billable Time.gif