Projectrak - Project Tracking for Jira

Projectrak Overview


Projectrak is an app for Jira that helps store information about Jira projects. Basically, this app provides a series of preconfigured fields organized within a layout, add properties for your projects, such as status, delivery date, or priority, to better track them, and visualize your project portfolio in one place, which allows you to track the project information you need to control without further configuration, and creating Jira Dashboards for multiple projects.

Therefore, adding it as a data source to your Tableau will ease the project portfolio visualization with just a glance and facilitate further Jira data processing.

The Projectrak fields are located in the Projectrak tab.

Read more about the possibilities of Jira reporting using Projectrak data in our partner’s blog.

Supported Add-Ons - Projectrak.gif


How to Add Projectrak API Key


Projectrak API Key is required to export the Projectrak tables.


  1. Being signed in to Jira Cloud instance, select Apps, and then select Projectrak - Projectrak navigator.

  1. In the upper-right side of the page, select three dots, and then select API integrations.

  1. Select Create API key.

  1. In the Name* field, enter the desired API key name, and then select Save.

  1. Copy the API key ID and API key, and then select Close.

  1. Select Apps, and then select Tableau Connector for Jira.

  1. On the left-side menu, select Tokens, and then select the Projectrak tab.


  1. Paste the API key ID and API key to the corresponding fields.

  2. Select the Validate & Save button.