Xray Test Management for Jira

Xray app allows users to manage all tests as Jira issues, monitor tests coverage and analyse test statuses. When building Jira reporting in BI software such as Tableau, it is important to have this data to bring consistency in business analytics.

Tableau Connector for Jira allows to export Xray app data easily from Jira to Tableau.

Xray fields are located in Jira Core / Issue Custom Fields:


Field Names

Field Names

Begin Date


Cucumber Scenario

Cucumber Test Type

End Date

Generic Test Definition

Manual Test Steps

Pre-Condition Type

Pre-Conditions association with a Test

Requirement Status


Steps Count

Test Count

Test Environments

Test Execution Defects

Test Execution Status

Test Plan

Test Plan Root Folders Custom Field

Test Plan Status

Test Plans associated with a Test

Test Repository Path

Test Set Status

Test Sets association with a Test

Test Type


Tests associated with a Test Plan

Tests association with a Pre-Condition

Tests association with a Test Execution

Tests association with a Test Set