How to View Entity Relationship Diagram

SQL Connector for Jira automatically builds relations between tables and fields in the SQL database. When you upload your Jira data into the SQL database, all tables will be connected in relations based on the logical key field. Thus, users don’t need to relate tables, which is time-consuming manually.


  • You can view ERD during data source creation, using the Preview ERD button.
    This ensures that the application’s relations will be built correctly.


  • You can view ERD when the data source is already created, under the Action panel, selecting Preview ERD.


By default, the full view is enabled.


new For your convenience, you can switch to the compact view.



Only PK (Private key) & FK (Fofeign key) will be displayed.


new Now you can download a PDF file of the required data source ERD, and then send it to anyone who might need it.