Administrator Guide

Since not all users should have permission to export Jira data, Jira Cloud Administrators can grant permission to work with the SQL Connector for Jira Cloud for specific users or groups of users.

Instructions below show how to grant permission to work with the connector (ability to create, edit, watch, and export connectors).

Please note that users with the Administrator role have the permissions to work with the connector by default.


How to Enable SQL Connector for Jira and Grant Permission to Jira Users


In Jira's primary navigation menu, click Apps and find SQL Connector for Jira in your app list.


Select Administration from the left-side navigation menu.

At the SQL Connector for Jira’s Administration page click the Edit icon.

In the Edit permissions window, click the Select groups field and select groups from the available groups in the list. You can select as many groups as you need.



To Select users click the Select users field and start to type the username you want to grant permissions to work with the connector. Select user from the list. You can select as many individual users as you need.


To save the permissions, click the Save button.


How to Check User Permissions to Work with SQL Connector for Jira


If you wish to check which Jira users and/or groups have granted permissions to use the application, go to Apps → select SQL Connector for Jira → click on the Administration tab on the left.

How to Configure Databases


Go to Apps > SQL Connector for Jira > Databases.

Click Create a Database button.

Enter all the required data: title, database type, host, port, database name, username, password. And click Validate connection. If you see the ‘Success!’ message, click Save.

You can view and edit all the created databases in the Databases tab.


Configure Tokens to Export Add-Ons Data


SQL Connector for Jira supports exporting data from the leading marketplace add-ons. You can check the complete list of apps on the Supported Add-Ons page.

To be able to include Jira app data in your export to SQL, Jira users need to configure each add-on separately.