Special characters and non Latin letters support

Special characters in custom fields names

Due to the Microsoft Power BI and security restrictions, Power BI Connector for Jira transforms some of the special characters in table and column names into underscores (_):


E.g. if a custom table in Jira is named Total sum, $ and its ID in Jira is 10054 it will be exported into Microsoft Power BI as Total_sum___10054

All other symbols are exported without changes.


Non Latin letters in custom fields names

Non Latin letters are imported as they are.

If a custom table/field in Jira has a name with non Latin letters, e.g. 営業時間 or Pracovné hodiny or Úřední hodiny, etc, it will be imported as it is shown in Jira with the ID added at the end.


Before: Pracovné hodinyPracovn__hodiny_10145,

営業時間 → _____11150


After: Pracovné hodinyPracovné_hodiny_10145,