How to Export Data into Microsoft Power BI

  1. Select Copy link.

Copy link.gif


  1. Launch your Microsoft Power BI Desktop, select Get data, and then select OData.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 13.27.25.png


  1. In the URL field, paste the link of your data source, and then select OK.


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  1. Select the Basic authentication.

  2. In the User name field, enter your email address associated with your Zendesk Support instance.

  3. In the Password field, enter the access token you’ve created here.


  1. Select which level to apply these settings to.


If you have several Zendesk instances and have installed Power BI Connector on each of them, we recommend selecting the lowest level.

In each of those Power BI Connectors, all data source URLs begin in the same way and they differ only in hash (the set of characters at the end of the link).

If you keep the highest level (default), you will experience an error, as in this case, Microsoft Power BI will try to use your credentials from one instance to all the others.

If you have only one instance, you can keep the default level.


  1. Select Connect.


  1. Select the tables you need, and then select Load.


If there is a large amount of data to import, it may take some time.

After the data is loaded, you can build graphs and dashboards based on the exported Zendesk data.


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