How to configure custom SMTP server?

Step 1. Go to the Jira Administration tab and select Manage app section.


Step 2. To configure a custom SMTP server click Custom SMTP server tab on the left side menu.

Step 3. In opened window click Add new SMTP server.


Step 4. If you want to use Google or Yahoo SMTP server you can follow our instructions:

Click here if you use Gmail as SMTP server
Click here if you use Yahoo! Mail Plus as SMTP server

In other cases, please use the descriptions and prompts on the screen to fill the fields. Don’t forget that the required fields are marked with *.


  1. Test Connection - allows you to check the connection to the SMTP server. In case of an unsuccessful connection, a message appears with a description of the error.

  2. Save - custom mail server saving.

  3. Cancel - allows you to return to the “Custom SMTP server” page without saving data.



You can find more information on other configurations for custom SMTP Mail Server in Jira documentation.