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Send emails effortlessly. Increase your work efficiency - get started doing more with Mail Me.

Send an issue via email: add attachments, customize the appearance, choose recipients or even groups, configure your own SMTP server, and more.

*Free for 30 days for teams of all sizes.

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Here you can find a general overview of the application and information about its key features, user benefits as well as basic use cases.





A step-by-step overview of how to start using the application.

Here you can find how to install and uninstall Mail Me, as well as:

Admin Guide is dedicated to people having Jira administrator rights.

Here you can find information about how to enable, configure, or disable Mail Me.




This part is for normal Jira users.

Here you can get acquainted with its user functionality and learn about how to start using Mail Me.

Have an issue? Check for a solution here before contacting our support team.

Answers to FAQ can also be found in this part.

Here you can find information about Mail Me support services including contacts, time zone, and schedule, and provided service scope.