How to configure Smart Git Integration Permission

A new access level to the git data populated by the plugin according to the User roles permissions has been implemented

Configure Smart Git Integration Project Permission


To add users, groups, or roles to a permission scheme, and grant them project permissions:

  1. From your project, select Project settings > Permission.

  2. Click Actions button and select Edit permission from the drop-down list.

  3. Scroll down to the Other Permissions section and find Smart Git Integration Project Permission and click Update.

  4. Click Project Role checkbox and select project role from the list.

  5. Click Update.

Permission for a specific User role is granted and git data is available on the Issue page.

By default Smart Git Integration Project Permission is not granted to any user or role


You can also grant Smart Git Integration Project Permission to any role from the list using Grant permission dialog:

In the Grant permission dialog, select who to grant the permission to and click the Grant button. You can grant Smart Git Integration Project Permission to:

  1. Individual users, which your site admin can invite to your Jira products. Learn more inviting users.

  2. Groups, which your site admin sets up. Learn more about groups.

  3. Project roles, which Jira administrators can set up in advance. Learn more about project roles.

  4. Issue roles such as Reporter, Project Lead, and Current Assignee.

  5. Anyone, which can make issues public to the internet. Learn more about anonymous access.

  6. A (multi-)user picker custom field.

  7. A (multi-)group picker custom field. This can either be an actual group picker custom field, or a (multi-)select-list whose values are group names.

Configure Smart Git Integration Global Permission

You can grant the global permissions described above to user groups.

Only site admins can manage groups of users. Read more about managing groups.


To grant global permission:

  1. Choose Settings > System.

  2. Click Global Permissions.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Grant Permission section.

  4. Select the Smart Git Integration Project Permission in the Permission dropdown.

  5. Select the group you want to grant permission to in the Group drop-down list.

  6. Click Add.