User Guide

Before you start, your Jira administrator should grant you Administer Jira permissions to create, edit, watch, and export connectors.

Users with Administer Jira permissions always have access to BigQuery Connector for Jira.

To authenticate in BigQuery, the service account key is required. Therefore, before exporting Jira data to BigQuery, create the service account key in the Google Cloud Platform.


How to Create Service Account Key


  1. Open your project in the Google Cloud Platform.

If you don’t have a project in the Google Cloud Platform, you need to create a billing one to export data.


  1. Select APIs & Services.

  1. Select Credentials.


  1. Select +CREAT CREDENTIALS, and then select Service account.


  1. In the Service account name field, enter the name for your service account.

  1. In the Service account description, enter the description for your service account.



  1. In the Select a role field, select Owner.


  1. There are two options:

  • Select CONTINUE if you need to share this service account and its key with someone.

  • Select DONE if there’s no need to share the service account and its key.



  1. Select Manage service accounts.


  1. Find your service account, select the Actions button, and then select Manage keys.


  1. Select ADD KEY, and then select Create new key.


  1. Select JSON, and then CREATE.




How to Create Data Source


  1. Being signed in to your Jira instance, select BigQuery, and then select Data Sources.


  1. Select Create Data Source.


  1. In the Name* field, enter your data source name.

  1. In the Dataset name* field, enter the dataset name for exporting data.

  2. In the Service account key* key, select Choose File, and then select your service account key.

  3. [Optional] In the Description field, enter the description for your data source.


  1. [Optional] Select Share settings.

  2. [Optional] In the Select users field, enter the username you want to share the data source with.

  1. [Optional] In the Select group field, select the group you need.

  1. [Optional] In the Select project role field, select the roles you need.

  1. Select Save.



  1. Select all filters and fields you want to be in your data source, and then select Save.


How to Export Data into BigQuery



  1. Select Export data.




  1. Open your Google Cloud Platform, and then select BigQuery.


  1. Find your exported data source by the dataset name you used while creating the data source.