Explore BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud

BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud by Alpha Serve is the unique no-code Big Query Jira integration app for easy Jira data load to BigQuery:

  • 200+ active installations

  • Cloud Fortified app

  • Cloud Migration assistance

  • Trusted by multinational companies, governments, and businesses from all over the globe.



What Does BigQuery Connector for Jira Do?


BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud allows you to easily and quickly import any Jira data into BigQuery, including default fields and custom fields, history, worklogs, sprints, 3rd-party apps data, and more.


Who Finds BigQuery Connector for Jira Useful?


BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud will be useful for data analysts and business intelligence professionals who create data models in BigQuery. However, those without an analytical background can still navigate BigQuery and create data sources.

BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud will be especially helpful for users without Jira admin skills, as it does not require any additional expertise to start using it. The app allows you to easily create connections via the service key, without any specific knowledge from the user side.


Why Use BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud?


Jira Cloud is a highly informative data source for any business. Therefore, integrating Jira Cloud as a data source into your BigQuery expands your data landscape and allows you to view all your projects in one place. This facilitates timely decision-making and helps maintain focus. Using Jira Cloud as a data source for BigQuery, team members can not only track their project activities but also evaluate results to determine overall business outcomes.


BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud Key Features


Automated Data Load

No more manual load of data into BigQuery. Upload Jira Cloud data to BigQuery in 3 steps:

  1. Install BigQuery Connector for Jira

  2. Create a data source and select any fields using filters

  3. Export data into BigQuery


Unlimited Jira Data Export to BigQuery

Export any Jira data to BigQuery automatically, including Jira custom fields and add-ons data. Load to BigQuery relevant data only with basic, JQL, or advanced filters. Create as many data sources as you need.


Safe Jira Data Load to BigQuery

Manage permissions and make the app available for the relevant Jira users or groups. Create and share multiple Data Sources to upload data to BigQuery from Jira automatically.


How Can you Benefit from Using BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud?


  • Translate raw Jira data into transformable information to make proper decisions and plan your future business strategies. Improve efficiency within your organization and, as a result, increase productivity.

  • Keep all your data together to create actionable insights.

  • Use the full potential of BigQuery by different teams without any Jira access permissions concerns.

  • Increase ROI from investments, and enhance data governance.

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