• In progress
  • Breaking changes with new API version '2023-10'

    Due to numerous breaking changes introduced in the new API version "2023-10," we are implementing several crucial updates on our end for Monday.com data export. The changes will be implemented on October 1st, 2023 to guarantee a smooth transition with no disruptions.

    These changes involve various adjustments, including modifications to column type names, changes in query complexity points, and revisions to data size limits.

    Please take a moment to review the upcoming changes, as they may impact existing Tableau reports.

    Tables rename

    During the export process, data of various types is organized into separate tables.

    The following table names have been updated as follows:

    1. duration“ to “time-tracking

    2. multiple-person“ to “people

    If you already have Tableau export document you can get errors on Refresh.


    You can fix it by following next steps:


    1. In Tableau Public navigate to Data Boards Edit connection


    1. Click on “Sign In” button.



    1. After loading of data list of Tables will be updated


    Column Types renaming

    Column Names consist of the ‘Name', ‘Type’, and 'ID’ of the column.

    Due to Types renaming a lot of fields changed their names to new ones.

    Next Types were renamed to:


    1. color“ to “status


    1. boolean“ to “checkbox

    2. multiple-person“ to “people

    3. timerange“ to “timeline

    4. duration“ to “time_tracking

    5. numeric“ to “numbers

    6. long-text“ to “long_text

    7. timezone“ to “world_clock

    E.g.: If you had a column previously named "Seller (multiple-person_seller)," it will now be renamed to "Seller (people_seller)."

    Old version


    1. The type "tag" has been renamed to "tags," and it is no longer available for obtaining the tags list as a string. Information about tags is now accessible only through an additional table called "tag," which includes links to "Tags."
      As a result, the "tags" column type has been removed from the "Items" table.



    Complexity points and limits for requested information size

    Changes in complexity points and limits for requested information size could potentially result in a decrease in export speed, possibly slowing it down by up to 2 times.

    Exported data type changes

    The type of fields containing identifiers (ID) has been changed from INT64 to String in the export.