Installation Guide

You must have the QuickBooks Administrator role to be able to carry out the instructions on this page.


How to install Power BI Connector for QuickBooks?


Step 1. Open Power BI Connector for QuickBooks marketplace page, and press Get app now.


Step 2. If asked for, select your Company from the list



Step 3. You will be redirected to the Confirmation page. Read all details and click Connect.


Step 4. Select your desired plan and press Subscribe button.

For more information about Plans and Pricing, you can check here.


Step 5. Fill in your billing details and press Start trial.


Step 6. Complete payment process. You will be redirected back to Power BI Connector.


How to Disconnect Power BI Connector for QuickBooks?

1. Go to Apps in the Admin Panel.

2. Select Tab My apps.

3. Find app Power BI Connector by Alpha Serve.

4. Press arrow to down and select Disconnect.

This will uninstall the app and at the end you will be redirected back to QuickBooks Online.