How to Add Xray Client ID

  1. Being signed in to your Jira Cloud instance, select Apps, and then select Manage your apps.


  1. Scroll down, and then select API Keys (under the XRAY section).


  1. Select Create API Key.

The Create API Key pop-up window will appear.


  1. Enter your name or the name of the desired user, and then select Generate.

The API Key was successfully generated pop-up window will appear.


  1. Copy Client Id and Client Secret, and then select Close.


  1. Go back to Apps, and then select Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira.


On the left-side menu, select Tokens, and then select the Xray tab.


  1. In the Client Id* and Client Secret* fields, paste your client ID and client secret respectively, and then select Validate & Save.


Starting now, all users with granted permission to work with the data sources can select Xray tables and fields for export.