How to view Email logs?

Jira Administrator can view all email logs sent via Mail Me app.

To see the logs, please follow the next steps:



Step 1. Go to the Navigation bar and select Apps - Add ons (Manage apps — in the newest vertions).

Step 2. Select Email Log tab on the left side menu.


Step 3. You can filter emails and see the details:


You can use our prompts and descriptions:

  1. Filter section - if you want to see only specific emails, filter them by author, issue, text in subject, attachment name, text in body, time of sending, recipients, email format or status.

  2. Filter button - to confirm your choice of filters above.

  3. Reset button - undo any filter choices.

  4. Logs panel - details about sent emails, including author, issue, recipients' names, subject, attachments number, success status, date and more info.

  5. Open email - to view the entire email, as shown below: